How do you handle lodging, catering, and transportation?

Visionary Wild workshops and expeditions are typically packaged inclusive of single-occupancy lodging, all meals, and all beverages, including wine and beer at dinner. Many include transportation during the session. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect: Click “more” tab at below right to read on…

Lodging: The accommodations we select are chosen to best serve the goals of the program in question. In some cases, this could mean a world-class luxury resort that provides exclusive access to a location. In others, it could mean a well-located and beautifully renovated historic hacienda or chateau featuring modern amenities. When overnighting in wilderness areas, we camp out under the stars. It all depends on the scenario that best facilitates the photography we have come to do and the format of the experience. Most of our programs feature accommodation in highly regarded lodges or hotels (typically ranging from two-star to as high a five-star), selected for their high standard of customer service, comfort, and responsiveness to our particular needs.

Since a majority of our participants prefer single-occupancy lodging, our programs are generally packaged and priced that way by default (though prorated fees for double occupancy are usually available). This is in contrast to most of our competitors, who generally do not include lodging or list a price based on double occupancy that requires payment of a single supplement.

Meals: We feel that group meals are a critical part of the experience, and as with all that we do, we take good care of our clients in this respect. Meal times and formats are subject to the particulars of each workshop or expedition, but we always provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Depending on our photographic goals and what the itinerary permits, we will either offer a sit down breakfast or continental breakfast on the go. Lunches are typically catered by local delis or similar eateries, and dinners are usually fine dining at high-quality restaurants and bistros.

Beverages: We do our best to keep our clients well hydrated both for their health and comfort, but also to to keep their energy levels up and minds sharp. At our nature photography workshops, we typically have a support vehicle carrying water, juice, and soda into the field. Arrangements are made to keep classrooms stocked with coffee, juices, iced water, and soft drinks. Beverages are of course included at all meals, and at dinners, beer and wine are on us.

Transportation: Some Workshops and all Expeditions are packaged inclusive of transportation during the session itself, beginning at an initial meeting point in the area. Please see each program’s webpage for details.