Do I need to bring a computer? What sort of software should it have?

11Yes. Unless you will be using film cameras exclusively during the workshop (which is fine, by the way), you will need a laptop computer with software suitable to download, edit, and adjust images. We recommend Adobe Lightroom, but Apple Aperture or some combination of Photo Mechanic or Adobe Bridge, and a recent version of Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements will do the trick. Make sure you’ve updated whatever software you will use to convert RAW image files to ensure that it will work with your camera (especially if you are using a camera that you aren’t yet familiar with).

NIK Software plugins are excellent resources and fun to play with too. You may find that they become an essential solution for certain technical challenges and aesthetic preferences.

Make sure you bring your charger with wall plug and a card reader appropriate for the type of memor0y cards used by your camera. A USB flash drive can be helpful in a workshop context as well. External portable hard drives (primary plus backup) are a really good idea.

We supply a list of equipment recommendations for every session, but please feel free to contact us with any lingering questions.