Which of your instructors would best suit me?

Drawn from among the very best and most experienced photographers working today, all of our instructors are proven professionals with bona fide career track records including diverse and extensive assignment, publication, and exhibition histories. Their professional credentials are just the starting point, however, as every one has been selected for his or her excellence as a teacher and expedition leader, professionalism and a gregarious nature, and generosity and attentiveness as a mentor. Every one of them is simply a good person and a pleasure to spend time with. Each has certain specialties and strengths in particular, of course, some of which may be gleaned from their biographies and portfolios.

Choice of instructor is very important to maximizing the quality of a workshop or photo-travel experience. It’s an unfortunate fact that there are many unqualified photographers offering workshops and tours these days, ranging from inexperienced amateurs asserting themselves as pros and offering inaccurate “expert advice,” and even to a few established big-name pros who are either poor teachers, entirely focused on doing their own work at clients’ expense, or even abusive to their clients. If you would like personalized guidance in choosing an instructor, we encourage you to contact us to discuss matching you to the instructor who will best suit your photographic goals. We’re even happy to offer guidance about photographers who we aren’t presently working with, but who we respect and admire as instructors and trip leaders. We would much prefer that you have a great experience working with a truly gifted and experienced instructor, regardless of whether it’s on a Visionary Wild program or not!