Which of your instructors would best suit me?

Drawn from among the very best and most experienced photographers working today, all of our instructors are proven professionals who have earned the respect off their piers with bona fide career tracks that include diverse and extensive assignment, publication, and exhibition histories. Each has been selected for his or her excellence as a teacher and expedition leader, gregarious nature and professionalism, and generosity and attentiveness as a mentor. All Visionary Wild instructors have been vetted by respected picture professionals, such as editorial photo editors, gallery curators, book publishers, art directors, conservation communicators, etc. We have found that this thorough vetting yields an authentic professional who has a meaningful understanding of what it takes to produce strong photographs on demand that deliver on high expectations and move beyond predictable clichés to reveal the photographer’s own unique and personal vision.  Each one of them is simply a good-natured, responsible person, and a pleasure to spend time with. Each has certain specialties and strengths in particular, of course, some of which may be gleaned from their biographies and portfolios. If you would like personalized guidance in choosing an instructor, we encourage you to contact us to discuss matching you to a photographer who will best suit your personal goals.