What is your Referral Rewards Program and how does it work?

We are very appreciative of the fact that Visionary Wild benefits from a great deal of positive word-of-mouth promotion. Our clients consistently tell us that they love what we do, and they are typically eager to share their experiences with friends and fellow passionate photographers. As a gesture of thanks, and to encourage further word-of-mouth referrals, we have created a Referral Rewards Program. Here is a description of the process, how to become eligible, etc.

What is the referral reward?  Visionary Wild offers a $150 discount code to existing clients or e-newsletter subscribers whose recommendation to a friend results in a first-time enrollment for a VW workshop or expedition. The referred first-time client also receives a $100 discount on the program for which they have enrolled. Referrers’ discount codes are cumulative over the calendar year, but must be redeemed within the following calendar year. The discount for first-time enrollment may obviously only be taken once.

Who is eligible?

  • Referrers: Only subscribers to the Visionary Wild email newsletter and/or those who have already participated in a Visionary Wild workshop or expedition (participants) are eligible to earn discounts in appreciation for referring new clients. Referrals are only valid if they come from a person who is already in our database at the time of the referral. For the sake of simplicity, we refer to eligible referrers as existing clients. It’s easy to become an existing client – just subscribe  to the Visionary Wild e-newsletter, enroll for a workshop, or join the waiting list for a sold-out workshop.
  • Referred Parties: Only first-time Visionary Wild workshop or expedition participants who have been referred by an existing client are eligible for the one-time enrollment referral discount.
  • Non-Participant Existing Clients: Those who are on our mailing list but who have never participated in a Visionary Wild workshop or expedition are eligible for discounts as either referring existing clients, or as referred parties. For example, if a newsletter subscriber who has yet to participate in a Visionary Wild program chooses to enroll in one based on a referral from a regular VW workshop participant, both the enrolling first-timer and the referring established client would receive a discount. No one may refer themselves.

How does it work?

  1. An existing client refers a friend who has never taken a Visionary Wild workshop or expedition.
  2. The referred friend enrolls for a Visionary Wild workshop or expedition.
  3. Upon enrollment, the referred friend enters the existing client’s name in the online enrollment form.
  4. Visionary Wild confirms that the referral is eligible, and then sends discount codes to both parties.
  5. When making payment via our website for either the initial deposit or balance due, just enter the provided code to receive the discount!

For those who prefer to enroll over the phone, we can handle this process manually.

Note: Discount codes earned through the Visionary Wild Referral Rewards Program are valid only for discounts on Visionary Wild photo workshops and expeditions, and have no cash value.