What should I wear?

For each workshop or expedition, we provide guidelines for what you’ll need in terms of apparel, footwear, outerwear, and the like. In general, however, we like to dress in relatively lightweight layers that compress and pack compactly – cotton when it’s hot and dry, a mix of synthetics and cotton when it’s hot and wet, and synthetics or wool when it’s cold and wet. Of course, this is subjective and a matter of personal preference to some degree. We always recommend sunglasses, and hats for warmth and/or shade.  Warm, windproof gloves for chilly mornings, a bandana or “Buff” for wind in sandy areas, but don’t overdo it unless you are driving to the workshop. You’ll need the baggage space for your photo gear. The key thing is to think twice before packing anything.

In general, footwear should be suitable to provide support and good footing on rugged, uneven terrain. Depending on your personal foot and ankle support needs and the predominant weather conditions we’ll face, this could mean lightweight trail running shoes, rock climber’s “approach” shoes (Salewa and Five-Ten make great ones), lightweight waterproof hiking boots, or more heavy-duty hiking boots (the latter most likely only if you require significant ankle support). In some cases, sport sandals or Keens may be the way to go. Please feel free to contact us if you are uncertain how to pack.