What type of camera is recommended for this workshop?

The simple answer is that we recommend the camera that you are comfortable working with and that will help you to achieve your photographic goals. For most of the photographers we work with these days this means a digital SLR or interchangeable lens mirrorless camera, simply because these offer the most flexibility and creative control for your photography. Compared to compact digital cameras, they tend to offer the best image quality, the best low light performance, and the greatest range of lenses and accessories, which is useful if you wish to pursue a range of genre from wide-angle landscape to life-size macro to wildlife action with long telephotos.

That said, we have seen some more advanced students use digital point-and-shoot cameras and even smart phones to stunningly good effect. We do recommend using a camera that can at least be made to shoot in RAW mode, but you may use whatever camera you prefer.

Film cameras are absolutely welcome at Visionary Wild workshops. If you are a large format landscape photographer or enjoy shooting Tri-X with your old Nikon, we will happily share our decades of film photography expertise with you. We do not arrange for film processing during workshops, however, so film users will only be able to participate in critique sessions if they bring a portfolio of digital image files or a box of prints.

Please feel free to contact us about the specifics of your gear situation and suitability for the session you are interested in joining.