Antarctica 2024

I wanted to thank you for a great trip to Antarctica in early January and let you know how much I appreciated all the work you put in behind the scenes to make a trip like that go smoothly. Having put on some trail races in the past, I have a little experience of how much goes into organizing events. Considering the length of trip, language differences, regulatory obstacles and other complexities you deal with to put on international trips, I have a lot of respect for what you accomplish.

You once asked me if the trip met my expectations and I was totally sincere in saying that it definitely exceeded them.

  • The scenery was so immense and stunningly beautiful; much more impressive than I ever expected.
  • There was ample time on shore to see wildlife, geology, etc. up close and explore a little.
  • I think the weather exceeded everyone’s expectations.
  • The crew did an excellent job of making me feel both comfortable and secure. Having been on several kayak and raft trips, I tend to watch the guides to see if they are operating in a safe manner, and I always felt the crew of the Hans Hannson was careful without being overbearingly cautious. In fact, they performed their due diligence in such an unobtrusive way that they seemed much more casual than they were.
  • The food was great. When I considered the amount of planning and effort [the chef] put into the quality of food she prepared while accommodating all the various dietary restrictions and supplying such a remote location, I was really amazed at the terrific job she did.
  • The boat met my informal style of travel quite comfortably. I’m actually glad that I didn’t bother with spending the extra money for a private bath because the ones “downstairs” were fine for me.

For me, the highlight of the trip was the afternoon when we sat off the toe of the glacier and [the captain] shut off the engine. It was so beautiful and serene there. That afternoon definitely joins my collection of “if I could put time in a bottle” experiences in life.
Thanks again for a rewarding, memorable and worthwhile experience, Justin. You did a great job and I really appreciated the opportunity you created for me.
Warm regards, Ellen (2024 Antarctica participant)