Erupting Iceland

Justin Black, a founder and the leader of Visionary Wild contacted a volcanologist after reading of a recent volcanic eruption on the “Fire and Ice” island of Iceland. Acting on impulse, with no guarantee how long such eruptions would continue, he offered to arrange an expedition to visit and photograph the ultimate geological spectacle….an erupting, lava spewing volcano. Justin’s instincts proved right and he quickly recruited a merry band of six who were treated to an experience that defies a verbal description.

I’ll leave it to others to provide the myriad of adjectives in an attempt to characterize the incredible visions of the eruptions. From my perspective, what we witnessed on several visits to the ridges overlooking the volcano were sights, sounds and feelings that transcended photography. We were immersed in what could be interpreted as the primordial planet earth; truly, in my opinion, a pilgrimage to another time. It was, and will remain, the most moving and emotional experience of my travels……and only because Justin took the risk. –Ray U., 2021 Erupting Iceland participant, and repeat Visionary Wild client.