Julie Furber Testimonial

I selected this workshop as I wanted to improve my “creative eye”. I was most interested in being able to repeatedly return to a location and re-shoot a scene learning how to handle the difficulties we often face when trying to compose an image. I liked that it wasn’t held at a well known location where getting the “iconic” photograph was the main focus but was about creating an “iconic” image in a beautiful location where there are no preconceived ideas of what that image “should be.” Being able to return to the same location multiple times and working the scene was really helpful in advancing my photographic skills. The daily critiques of participants images combined with how to process those images in Lightroom and Photoshop was invaluable. This has been one of my best learning experiences in advancing my skills and also the one of the most enjoyable. Visionary Wild has put together a truly unique workshop that any photographer who wants to improve their skills should take. –Julie F., 2012 participant