Kathy Richardson – New Zealand

Hi Justin, the NZ trip was really spectacular, we thought, and you’re to be congratulated for ensuring that it was such a great experience for us from beginning to end.  Logistics could not have been better, small group size was perfect, and all 3 instructors were extremely helpful and approachable.  Being a novice at landscapes, I really appreciated all the advice and assistance that was available.  I made plenty of mistakes for sure, but feel I really learned a lot (about the initial capture as well as the subsequent processing) over the 2 weeks and hope I’ll be able to put some of the lessons I learned into practice with even nicer photos in future.  Since we were last there 20 years ago, I had quite forgotten just how beautiful the South Island is.  But it takes planning and knowledge to take full advantage of that, and you, Phillip and Michael always got us to the right spots at the right times.  Lastly, all the “extras” you included, such as the helicopter ride, the dolphin excursion, the comfortable and roomy vehicles, the excellent food and drink, and even the luxury of having 3 professionals for only 6 clients, made the trip truly special.  Thank you so very much.  It was a pleasure traveling with you and Visionary Wild and we are very much looking forward to our next adventure with you.  –Kathy R., 2014 New Zealand expedition participant