There can come a time in your photographic career where you fear coming full circle. You start making the same photographs that keep you busy but lack meaning. Breaking the cycle required inspiration I found with Visionary Wild and its 2023 Kyrgyzstan photo expedition. Kyrgyzstan, a mountainous country that is virtually unknown or unfairly mistaken for a hostile region (it’s the exact opposite) offers spectacular alternatives to what was becoming a chore for image making. I can go on about the breathtaking vistas and the uncompromising feeling of spirit and natural wonder but I specifically found comfort in the exceptionally good logistical support and infrastructure with meals and accommodations. A modern-day wagon train of 4-wheel-drive SUVs providing all the necessities needed so you can concentrate on what’s really important; making photographs!!!! Visionary Wild is a class act with a passion to inspire and explore and I have the images to prove it. –Ronald Beverly, Professor of Photography, Montgomery College, Maryland (2023 Kyrgyz Republic Expedition participant)