Overwhelmed by Iceland’s Powerful Beauty

Overwhelming!  I thought I was prepared for the volcano experience.  I read all the articles I could find, watched many Youtube videos shot by local photographers, and I spent hours with the live webcams.  I thought I knew what to expect.  But I was so not prepared for how powerful an experience it was to see her erupt in person, to hear it and feel the heat on my face.  And to share that experience with everyone in Iceland.  I didn’t meet any locals who hadn’t made the hike up to see her at least once.  Most had done it multiple times.  It is so special.  We spent three nights at the volcano on a one-week trip and that wasn’t enough, except for the helicopter aerials of the Braided Rivers, and glacial ice strewn across the black sands of Diamond Beach.  Both would have, and should have been highlights of any other trips.  To pack all three into a week is, as I said, overwhelming!  –Alan C., 2021 Erupting Iceland expedition participant, and repeat Visionary Wild client