Visionary Wild co-founders Justin Black and Barry Andrews first met in 2007 at a workshop that Justin was leading with Jack Dykinga at Galen Rowell’s Mountain Light Gallery in Bishop, California. Barry, a brilliant product development expert and entrepreneur, was also a gifted photographer eager to move beyond the fundamentals of composing pretty pictures. Over the course of several workshops the two became friends. In early 2011, Justin discussed the concept for Visionary Wild with Barry, who was excited by the idea of providing world-class photographic learning experiences designed for the many passionate photographers who have become competent image makers but struggle to further develop their vision and technique, find a personal style, an expressive voice, purpose, and deeper meaning in their work.

Barry had given a great deal of thought over the years to what advanced photographers like himself were seeking in new learning experiences, and Justin drew upon his diverse expertise as a professional photographer, gallery curator, conservation communications professional, workshops organizer, and teacher to create new models to match the advanced objectives of more experienced photographers.

Barry, Justin, and Lena Black, Justin’s wife and Visionary Wild’s Director of Operations, established Visionary Wild in Washington, DC in early spring of 2011. In consultation and collaboration with top-notch instructors, Visionary Wild has designed a full program of photographic experiences, paving the way for discovery, advancement, growth, purpose, and meaning in our clients’ photography.

All of us welcome you aboard for our adventure into the Visionary Wild!