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Creative Core

Creative Core workshops (two instructors, fifteen participants)

These four-day sessions deal heavily with composition, working with different qualities of light, exposure control, essential gear and creative tools, fundamentals of digital workflow, and introduction to digital exposure blending and stitching, and an intense schedule of photography in the field followed by constructive group critiques. Creative Core worshops are generalist outdoor photography workshops and the emphasis of any individual participant's work is up to them, whether they wish to focus on landscape, macro, wildlife, abstraction, color, black and white, HDR, panoramics, multiple exposures, or all of the above. Any enthusiastic photographer will feel right at home in a Creative Core workshop. In our experience, most participants at this level are solid intermediates with a couple relative beginners and a handful of advanced photographers. We have over a decade of experience successfully accommodating a range of experience levels...make that over a century of combined experience when our instuctors are included.

Very often, we are amazed by the way in which the beginners teach the advanced students a thing or two about unrestrained creative openness and serendipity, while the expertise of the advanced students can be a welcome resource for the rest of the class. We supply materials in advance of the session to get newcomers up to speed with basics having to do with digital camera set-up and techniques, essential equipment recommendations, and other guidelines to ensure that everyone is ready to make the most of the experience.

Lodging, all meals, and beverages are included in the package.


Advanced workshops (two instructors, twelve participants)

Our Advanced workshops feature a specialized emphasis on advanced skills and technique. You can think of them as the next step for someone who feels they are photographing competently, with a good grasp on the technical fundamentals of digital cameras, exposure, essential tools, and a functioning digital workflow, and who is ready to focus on more specialized areas of study. These might include visual storytelling, developing personal style, advanced digital techniques, dedicated wildlife photography, fine digital printing, shooting for conservation campaigns, targeting your work to specific markets, or intensive fieldwork with a planned application in mind.

Lodging, all meals, and beverages are included in the package.


Vision workshops (three instructors, ten participants)

Our Vision workshops were designed by Jack Dykinga and John Shaw in collaboration with Justin Black. Emphasis is focused heavily on advanced creative vision and mastering a highly effective digital workflow. Field work, lectures, and critiques aim specifically at further developing your vision to a higher plane of creativity to find unexpected and overlooked compositions. Then we focus on becoming a master of a smart, logical, and comprehensive digital workflow from RAW image capture in the field to a final master file ready for output as a fine print. Vision workshops are open to photographers who are competent with the essentials of composition and exposure control, who are very comfortable with their equipment, and familiar with a basic digital workflow.

Lodging, all meals, and beverages are included in the package.


Expeditions (two to three instructors and typically six to ten participants)

Visionary Wild Expeditions are photography with a purpose. From one to two weeks in duration at locations around the globe, they typically feature an emphasis on field work and the opportunity to participate in a planned outlet for the participants' photographs produced during the journey. Outlets may include participation in a gallery exhibit, magazine publication, a book, a conservation-oriented public awareness campaign, etc. Participants are expected to be technically competent photographers, familiar with their equipment and a functional digital workflow. In order ensure that leaders can maintain a high-level of instruction throughout, Expeditions are for advanced photographers or intermediates who learn fast.

Lodging, all meals, and beverages are included in the package, as is transportation from an initial meeting point at the beginning of the expedition until return to the departure point at the end.

Custom Experience

For those who seek more personalized mentorship to develop their vision and personal style, training in specific skills, or photographic guiding on location, Visionary Wild can arrange customized experiences tailored to meet your goals and exceed your expectations. We can organize intimate, by-invitation-only workshops with hand-picked instructors at your preferred location, or a full-fledged expedition with one of our instructors as your personal photographic guru and guide. The possibilities are virtually endless!